Acting Director Kuzmich Valery Arsentyevich;

The enterprise was established by order of Ministry of Industry of BSSR №375 dd. 23.01.1978. In 1992 the company was registered as "BELAZ-SERVICE". In 1996 BELAZ-SERVICE was included into the Production Association "Belarusian Automobile Works". In 2012 became affiliated with holding "BELAZ-HOLDING"

The Enterprise activities:
- sales of spare parts for BELAZ equipment
- service maintenance of BELAZ, MOAZ equipment
- outsourcing services for transportation of rock materials at open-pit mining - fuel equipment maintenance
- maintenance of CUMMINS, YAMZ engines in the territory of CIS.

For more detailed information please visit the website of OJSC "BELAZ-SERVICE" www.belaz-s.by.

Contact details



Legal / postal address:

22160, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Zhodino, Brestskaya str 31, POB 72