The Director of OJSC “Starodorozhski Mechanical Works Dubovka Viacheslav Ivanovich

OJSC "Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" was founded in 1972. In 2008 SMZ was included into the Production Association "Belarusian Automobile Works", in 2012 became affiliated with the holding "BELAZ-HOLDING".

В ОАО OJSC "Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" produces production and technical equipment as well as consumer goods. The plant manufactures the spare parts for OJSC "BELAZ" – all required assembly units and spare parts for the dump trucks, plastic articles, consumer goods and complete other orders.

The enterprise carries out metalworking (blank preparation, turning, milling, grinding, cold-forming, die-stamping, locksmith works); parts molding from polymers, parts pressing from thermosetting plastics and compounded rubber.

Contact details


+375 17 925-56-64

Legal / postal address:

222932, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Starye Dorogi,Krivosheina Str.,1

e-mail: rupsdmz@mail.ru