18 may 2020


Last year OJSC “BELAZ” supplied the first BELAZ-76135 water-sprinkling machines to Ukraine, thereby opening up a new sales market for these special-purpose trucks. During operation they have proved to be reliable and indispensable helpers to the miners. As a result, now only in the mines of Severny GOK (Metinvest Group, Krivoy Rog) as many as nine most advanced water-sprinkling machines are fighting dust storms – BELAZ-76135 and BELAZ-76473.

In Pervomaisky and Annovsky mines of Severny GOK (SevGOK) six BELAZ-76135 hydromonitors with a tank capacity of 119 cubic meters, powerful pumps and an expanded spray zone of up to 60 meters work reliably and make it possible to fulfill the Krivoy Rog environmental dust suppression program in difficult mining conditions.

This Belarusian special-purpose machine with a tank, the volume of which is comparable with a small lake, effectively irrigates five to eight-kilometer sections of quarry faces and roads without refueling. Due to its range, this BELAZ machine covers up to four horizons with a powerful vertical stream from the water monitor at the same time including the most inaccessible places of the mines.

Three smaller water-sprinklers – BELAZ-76473 with a tank of 32 cubic metres – have a fan irrigation system that creates real man-made rain in open fields. A branched piping system with special nozzles spraying water in all directions is mounted at the back and top of the tank. Such equipment provides high-quality irrigation of surfaces with a watering zone width of more than 24 m, thereby suppressing the ubiquitous dust.

In the quarries of SevGOK this special transport helps to maintain mine roads and also regularly fill reservoirs including the tanks of drilling rigs with water.

In spring and summer irrigation works on haul roads and industrial sites of the plant are carried out around the clock. In a day BELAZ dust fighters consume over 3.5 thousand cubic meters of water for irrigation of faces and roads in several stages. If necessary, by the way, BELAZ water-sprinkling machines can also be used as fire fighting vehicles thanks to the fire extinguishing system with remote actuation installed on them.

“In order to carry out environmental measures to combat dust at SevGOK, the plant has completely updated the fleet of water-sprinkling machines. In addition to excellent technical characteristics, the advantages of BELAZ special-purpose equipment is its user-friendliness and comfortable working conditions for drivers,”, – emphasizes Mr. Andrey Skachkov, General Director of SevGOK.

Modern BELAZ water-sprinkling machines are not only reliable, economical and effective for open-cast mining in various climatic conditions, but also maintenance-friendly and meet all the industrial safety and labor protection requirements. Belarusian special-purpose equipment makes it possible to successfully increase the safety of transportation works in the quarries of mining enterprises in Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Mongolia and other countries.