20 may 2020


In a free market the main evaluator of quality is the customer. The level of quality of products or services is one of the components of any company’s success. Over the years, BELAZ has been increasing the reliability, safety, efficiency and endurance of its equipment to make it capable of working in the most severe operating conditions, which helps the company to extend its client base and unleashes the true potential of its customers.

Information project on the key areas of BELAZ’s sustainable development and strategic priorities of its production activities

Quality is a top of mind priority
Quality gate
Quality production facilities
Quality management tools
Prestige and awards

Quality is a top of mind priority

BELAZ’s priority is to produce high-quality equipment with the best consumer properties required for its successful operation. The quality of mining equipment is an evolving category; its level is growing along with the needs and expectations of mining companies and the development of production technologies.

‘Our top of mind priority is the quality of the equipment we produce which is achieved thanks to the high-tech production facilities, unique design developments and constant technical upgrade. And, of course, thanks to the people who are professionals in their field,’ said Mr. Petr Parkhomchik, General Director of OJSC “BELAZ” –Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING”

Today BELAZ offers the best value for money and the low cost of ownership of BELAZ equipment means low mining cost for our partners.

BELAZ quality system covers all the processes of the product life cycle from the formation of an order to the maintenance of a finished product.

‘We do not rest on our laurels – we are constantly improving the quality of our products. Based on the experience of operation we update the technological and design documentation in order to increase the efficiency, reliability and improve the operational properties of our equipment,’ emphasizes Mr. Sergei Lesin, Deputy General Director for Quality and Standardization of OJSC "BELAZ".

Quality gate

BELAZ mining equipment is specific and expensive, and here the customer is scrupulous to the smallest detail. Therefore, the company gives special attention to the quality issues.

The widespread use of the latest information technologies, specialized software products in the development of mining equipment, organization of production and their implementation in the quality control system make it possible to minimize human errors and facilitate decision-making process based on analysis and facts.

All work on a new product is carried out in the company according to the so-called “quality gate” system according to which using statistical methods quality control and product defect prevention are carried out starting from the stage of development and design and ending with production because the main quality indicators are 80 % are laid in the process of engineering.

BELAZ gives its close attention to incoming quality control which is the inspection of the quality of raw and supporting materials.

Extensive work is underway to master the requirements of STB 16949-2018, develop and unify common requirements for suppliers of materials, semi-finished products and components.

BELAZ works closely with partners to ensure high and sustained quality of components and materials. A focused analysis of the quality of supplied raw products and materials allows influencing the production of suppliers and improving the quality of materials and components.

Quality production facilities

The next stage of quality management is the production facilities themselves, where the entire technical process is covered by inter-operational monitoring in order to verify compliance with technological regimes, storage rules and rules for packaging of products as well as prevent any transfer of defects to the subsequent production operations.

Experts of Quality Control Department conduct a daily selective audit of products and manufacturing processes of parts and assembly units.

Final inspection is used to check if the quality of finished products meets the requirements of relevant standards or technical conditions and discover defects, if any.

BELAZ has got an accredited testing laboratory equipped with a complex of modern testing equipment which makes it possible to run any strength tests of major components. The lab meets the company’s requirement in analytics – from the incoming control of raw materials to the tests of finished goods.

To maintain in-process quality control and acceptance of finished products they use up-to-date high-precision control and measuring equipment: inspection and measuring machines, test benches and tools of leading manufacturers. The company experts carry out a wide range of tests in compliance with the authorized test procedures.

Coordinate inspection machines are used to accomplish complicated measuring tasks such as measurement of basic parts, measurement of gear wheels of any kinds (ranging from spur gears to spiral bevel gears).

MAGNISCOPE-600 magnetic particle fault indicator is used to check the quality of motor-wheel reduction gear teeth.

Measuring and control devices and modern testing equipment are used to measure both geometric variables and other parameters such as temperature, voltage, resistance, current strength, coating thickness, hardness and etc.

Working on a test bench

The use of modern materials and components of leading global producers, application of the latest technologies as well as advanced technological, metrology and control tools ensure high quality and environmental safety of BELAZ products.

Quality management tools

BELAZ quality management system has been developed in accordance with ISO 9001 international standards and is intended to ensure the observance of the company’s quality policy and corporate strategy. BELAZ has adopted 182 company standards including 112 related to quality management in which there are 12 processes describing the company’s business starting from the product development and design and ending with service maintenance.

The realities of today’s business life are such that in order to conquer new markets any goods should meet the international standards which all global companies observe.

BELAZ was one of the first Belarusian engineering to introduce the Quality Management System (QMS) and certify it in DAKKS German system for its compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001 in 2000.

Apart from that the company has done a big job to introduce the international standards harmonized with the European standards to its design documentation and technical conditions. Management systems aligned with STB ISO 9001, STB 18001 and STB 14001 standards of Belarus have been certified and are functioning effectively.

The methods and approaches described in the current versions of the international standards make it possible to manage the resources properly, analyze risks, estimate the importance of consequences and accept effective solutions. The compliance of BELAZ goods with the international safety and environmental requirements is achieved by the improved observation of the international standards and current technological regulations, technical codes and guidelines of the EU.

Prestige and awards

The company's daily work in improving the quality of finished products is proved by the prestigious national and international awards which were awarded to BELAZ over its history. This is the International Diamond Star of Quality, and the XVIII International Prize “For Technology and Quality”, X Golden Prize of America “For Quality”, etc.

level, BELAZ has repeatedly received the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality, and the company's products have become the laureate of the contest "Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus". In particular, the winners of the competition were BELAZ-75139 dump trucks with the payload capacity of 130-136 tons with an AC drive, the 180-ton BELAZ-75180, the 360-ton BELAZ-75605, as well as branded devices for outdoor sports.

Working in a highly competitive environment of the global market for mining equipment, BELAZ products meet the requirements of international standards as well as the needs and expectations of their customers and are characterized by such qualities as reliability, high performance, safety, simplicity and ease of maintenance.