Video guide to assist Indian technical specialists

18 june 2020


With a view to meeting the demands of its customers to move forward, OJSC “BELAZ” creates not only reliable, high-performance, improved and safety mining equipment, but settles the modern and productive solutions as well as new convenient forms of cooperation.

In the course of fulfillment of the contract with Coal India Limited for supply of 77 units of BELAZ-75137 mining dump trucks of 136MT p/c to India and taking into consideration of the current restrictions in the face of the pandemic period, OJSC “BELAZ” has prepared and performed to the Indian partners a detailed video guide being used at the very moment for assembly of BELAZ mining dump trucks.

By means of this video guide the Indian specialists can pass the distance training for assembly, alignment, systematic testing of all the systems and the commissioning of the dump trucks being arrived from the Republic of Belarus.

The first of its kind video guide specialized for assembly of 136MT BELAZ dump truck shows in detail how to assemble such a giant mining dump truck. The video demonstrates the specific points of assembly and a detailed guide “what, where and why” to install, screw-in, connect and weld and many others.

The each step of the assembly process has its own video with the relevant music and clarifying subtitles in English. Herewith it is important to note that the video guide for assembly has all the required links to the corresponded pages, drawings and specifications in the hard-copy manuals for assembly, start-up and commissioning of BELAZ-75137 mining dump trucks comprised in the standard configuration.

BELAZ follows its tendencies of the global market and considers the demands of the customers, thinking carefully over the strategy for equipment promotion. Each region of the planet has its own peculiarities, therefore, the company develops its own separate version of successful cooperation with each specific customer.