"WE represent BELAZ, and BELAZ represents US"

16 november 2020


The Code of Corporate Ethics adopted at OJSC "BELAZ"

“The Code is an important document that should serve as our day-to-day guidance. It spells out what corporate culture means to us and how we apply our values to make the right, important and strategic decisions in the interests of the Company. And when we are guided by this code in our daily life, in our personal behavior, we will protect our main value - the reputation of our Company. Every decision we make can have an impact on employee morale, on the perception of our Company by global partners and on our long-term relationship with them. All this has an influence on the prosperity of the Company as a whole and the well-being of each of us," - noted Siarhei Nikifarovich, General Director of OJSC "BELAZ", in his statement - Today we bear a huge responsibility for our image and culture, created by the previous generations of the Company, and we have commitments for their growth ”.

In economic terms, this is a complex of certain moral and ethical standards, which must be adhered to by all employees of the enterprise during work and outside the enterprise. Company codes may be absolutely different and each one is unique in its own way.
The main task of creating a code of corporate ethics is to form a positive attitude towards the company in the society. Another, no less important task is to help each employee to behave correctly in relation to his/her colleagues and partners.

The code of corporate ethics works for several directions, namely: management, reputation and corporate policy.
Management: the managing effectiveness for the whole staff is achieved when the employees know what and how to do, adhere to uniform rules and standards, because it is much easier to manage such a company than the one where there is chaos and confusion.
Reputation: a positive image of the company is created by development of trust and confidence from the side of its partners and other companies due to stability in the team, community of ideas, fulfillment of partnership obligations, guaranteed product quality, etc. means everything that makes the company a reliable business and social partner.
Corporate policy: each employee clearly understands the policy of the company, its main values, traditions, objectives and goals and the expectations of the management from each of its employees. In addition, the code is intended to be the document that will help new employees to understand the team they are coming to, the ethical standards to be followed in dealing with their new colleagues. The code prescribes the behavior of the employees in the event of controversial interpersonal issues.

The code is obligatory to everyone. The guidelines and values of the company, uniform rules and behavior standards in daily work, reflected in the code of corporate ethics, require conscious activity and initiative from each employee. The Code is an internal document that every manager and employee shall comply with. The compliance with these rules and standards allows the staff to remain as a team of professionals united by common goals, behavior culture and traditions, and will help to maintain mutual understanding at the proper level both in the team and with business partners.