Belarus Honorable Consuls visited OJSC “BELAZ”

October 04, 2017

The participants of First conference of Belarus consuls which was started on 3 October visited OJSC “BELAZ.  

Honorable consuls learned about the history of the first BELAZ mining dump truck manufacturing and the progress of its improvement. Within the visit were introduced up-to-date technologies and high-technology equipment which is applied in the production of heavy-duty trucks. Besides, the Consuls were able to evaluate personally the power of the biggest mining dump truck in the world BELAZ-75710 with payload capacity of 450 tons during test drive at testing field.


  Gilberto Ramos, Brazil said that he was very impressed with Belarus and Belaz mining dump trucks, and delighted to visit Belaz company and make a test drive in the biggest mining dump truck in the world. Mr. Ramos mentioned that Brazil has rich deposits of minerals and Belaz company has everything which is needed for entering the Brazil market. He thinks that the visit at Belaz company is a first step towards opening the Brazil market for Belaz mining dump trucks.

  Kobina Ade-Coker, Ghana stated that he was very impressed with the level of technology growth in Belarus, and at Belaz company. He noted that Belarus is a country where economy is developing in the right direction.

  Ajeya Raj Sumargi Parajuli, Nepal was very glad to have an opportunity to visit Belarus and Belaz, get acquainted with the production and its capacities.  

The visit at OJSC “BELAZ - one of leading machine-building companies in Belarus was a win-win because the diplomats are working towards the promising directions to protect the national interests of Belarus, assisting the trade and attracting the investments. At the present time 80 Belarus honorable consuls represent and protect the rights and interests of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus in 56 countries. In accordance with their responsibilities they are strengthening friendly relations, extending political, commercial and economic, cultural, scientific and other contacts with foreign countries. Consulate districts of Belarus honorable consuls as a rule include industrial and financial centers and the honorable consuls are very respectful in political and business areas.

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