BELAZ equipment for SUEK: large technical re-equipment project

April 04, 2017

BELAZ mining equipment is supplied to Zabaikalsk region within the technical re-equipment project implemented jointly by OJSC "BELAZ" and "SUEK" JSC.  

New equipment was supplied to Apsatsky mine, where the commissioning of BELAZ-75131 of 130-ton payload capacity has been already started and will continue in April. Despite the fact that Apsatsky mine purchases equipment of different foreign manufacturers, when choosing mining vehicles SUEK gives preference to BELAZ machinery as the part of import substitution program (within the Eurasian Economic Union).  

"This is not the last lot of dump trucks supplied within this large investment program of SUEK. I’m sure that this project will significantly improve the operation quality as well as the mine production efficiency", as noted by O. Likhodumov, Deputy General Director of "Kharanorsky Mine" JSC.

Since the beginning of 2017, other SUEK companies in Zabaykalsk region has already commissioned new BELAZ dump trucks of 130 and 220-ton payload capacity. Kharanorsky and Vostochny mines also started implementing such technical re-equipment program.

In Kharanorsky mine

BELAZ mining vehicles supplied to SUEK JSC are equipped with updated configuration such as video cameras, LED optics, loading control system, remote switching and automatic fire-fighting system, engine start preheater, cab of enhanced comfort  equipped with electronic control panel that allows the operator to control the dump truck condition and systems operation.

BELAZ is a reliable partner! Each manufactured dump truck is designed with regard to the particular customer’s requirements and operation conditions.

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