Chinese journalists at BELAZ: “Your giants are great!”

May 02, 2017

On May 2 mass media representatives delegation of the People’s Republic of China visited OJSC “BELAZ. About 40 journalists from Chinese state and regional mass media outlets are on press-tour hosted by Belarus on May, 1-7.

The journalists were hosted with Belarusian traditional bread-and salt ceremony and songs.

The guests reception by Alieh Stsiapuk, OJSC “BELAZ Acting Deputy General Director, and Yuriy Sharyi, Zhodino Mayor.

The familiarization with the company started with the BELAZ Labor Glory Museum where numerous questions of the journalists were answered by Alieh Stsiapuk, OJSC “BELAZ Acting Deputy General Director.

Many questions were asked during the seeing of machinery at demonstration ground where demo-models of super-heavy BELAZ vehicles were exhibited.

During conversation with Chinese journalists Mr. Stsiapuk has outlined that BELAZ board considers China as strategic partner. He also said: “The Company is interested in application of Chinese components in production process which will help to make it more attractive for CPR market.

The guests paid special attention to 450-ton BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck. It was impossible for BELAZ trucks not to surprise people who saw them for the first time and numerous camera flashes and rapt faces acted as evidence of that.

Xurong Jiang, Harbin News: “I knew about Belarus before and couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit your country. It’s noticeable that the level of technical and science development in different fields is very high and all I’ve seen at BELAZ today proves that despite I had never heard of these trucks before. These giants are simply great!

He Tao, Sichuan Daily: “We have visited GEELY plant and noticed that it is a really nice project which our countries can be proud of and high level of technologies finally convinced me that China and Belarus can cooperate on different levels and in different fields. And the first thing we experienced when we left the aircraft  fresh air which is easy-to breathe.


· Today 485 BELAZ units are being operated in China, mainly dump trucks with payload capacity from 30 to 240 tons.

· OJSC BELAZ is implementing a joint project with Chinese partners for Arrangement of Assembly of Passenger Cars in Belarus holding 51,49% shares. The total investments amount will make up about 400 million USD. The contractor of turnkey plant construction is Chinese CITIC Company. Accordance to the construction schedule set up and commissioning of the plant are planned on July, 2017. NL-3, SUV, NL-4, FE-3 sedan and hatchback GEELY passenger cars to be assembled at the new plant.

· Jointly with CATIC Supply (AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation) OJSC “BELAZ – Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING incorporated a Joint Venture AVIC-BELAZ MINING EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED in China. The main goal of the JV is to represent BELAZ in China, increase volume of deliveries and BELAZ market share on Chinese market (The registration date is September 18, 2009).

· OJSC “BELAZ signed a dealership agreement with China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of  China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH Group) for sales of BELAZ products in seven Chinese provinces: Shanxi, Ningxia, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Guizhou and Sichuan. SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation have been acting as a representative of OJSC “BELAZ and operates solely based on power of attorney provided.

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