OJSC “BELAZ” and Cummins: 25 years of mutually beneficial partnership

December 06, 2017

Today OJSC “BELAZ“ hosted a special event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of cooperation between OJSC “BELAZ“ and Cummins. The American company was represented by its Vice President Mr. Norbert Nusterer and his colleagues.
“We would like to express our gratitude to Cummins for joint promotion of BELAZ equipment, General Director of OJSC “BELAZ“ Mr. Petr Parkhomchik said. “Engine is the heart of a truck. When 25 years ago we had to search for an engine manufacturer and our designers chose Cummins, it became a new stage of BELAZ development. In this period BELAZ has changed, we have expanded our product line of mining dump trucks. Almost all models of BELAZ trucks beginning with 30-tonners and ending with 360-tonners are equipped with Cummins engines. The present year has become a banner year in terms of our cooperation – more than 800 Cummins engines have been delivered to OJSC “BELAZ and I am confident we are going to be successful in the fulfillment of the ambitious plans we have made for 2018.“

“Over the 25 years of our cooperation OJSC “BELAZ“ has become one of the key players at the world market, Mr. Norbert Nusterer (on the left in the picture above) said. “And we are happy to realize that we have participated in your company’s success and that now we win the markets of different countries together. In this period a lot of good equipment popular among the customers have been designed. At the same time, we have a long way to go. Cooperation between OJSC “BELAZ“ and Cummins is a good example of global trade as a force for progress.“

Today, OJSC “BELAZ“ is the principal partner of Cummins at the market of CIS. The cooperation of the two giants started in 1992 when the first Cummins engine – KTA 38 – was installed on a Belarusian dump truck. The total number of BELAZ trucks equipped with Cummins engines which have been supplied to the countries of former USSR is more than 6000 units.

At present more than ten different models of Cummins engines are installed on BELAZ equipment. Both BELAZ trucks and Cummins engines are characterized by good service performance, efficiency, reliability, simplicity and serviceability of maintenance and repair. BELAZ trucks equipped with Cummins engines have shown themselves in good advantage in the severe climatic conditions – both in Polar Regions and in the tropics – by demonstrating their reliable performance and economical fuel consumption.

The cooperation between the companies being leaders in their sectors is effective which is proved by the dynamics of the supplies of Cummins engines to OJSC “BELAZ“. The volume of deliveries in 2017 expressed in monetary terms is 2,4 times greater that the volume of deliveries in 2006. At that, the current year is a banner year in the history of cooperation between the companies.
 Preparation for the installation of Cummins engine on a high-capacity dump truck.

25 years of cooperation is a way of mutual development grounded on similar business principles adopted by Cummins and OJSC “BELAZ“:

– Both OJSC “BELAZ“ and Cummins pay special attention to the research and development being guided by “keeping a step ahead approach“;
– Personal approach to any partner and willingness to meet the most demanding requirements are the basis of cooperation with clients;
– High moral values of the staff which make it possible to meet the most complicated challenges promptly and efficiently.

Note for information. Cummins is the world’s largest company which designs and produces diesel engines with the capacity ranging from 31 to 5 000 h.p. The company was founded by businessman Clessie Lyle Cummins in Indiana (USA) in 1919. At present the corporation owns 57 plants and joint ventures and sells to 190 countries. Cummins has a well-developed global network of service and spare parts supplies through company-owned sales and service centers and dealers – more than 4500 points in 130 countries.

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