ZCDC technicians (Zimbabwe) receive training at BELAZ

July 17, 2017

The guarantee of proper operation of the equipment is knowledge and expertise. For this reason, from 4th until 14th July BELAZ training centre organized training for ZCDC technicians. They studied the design, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of BELAZ equipment.

The training (theoretical as well as practical which took place in the workshops) was given by senior specialists of the Chief Designer Division, Technical Maintenance Division and Marketing Centre. Upon the completion of the training course ZСDС specialists were awarded certificates.

In February 2017 OJSC “BELAZ and SOHRA Overseas FZE made a contract for the delivery of a large batch of BELAZ dump trucks and special-purpose equipment for the needs of Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (Private) Ltd. (diamond-mining).

All BELAZ vehicles under the contract have already been supplied to ZCDC; some of them have been commissioned by BELAZ technicians. By the end of 2017 52 units of BELAZ equipment will have started working in the diamond-mining company: BELAZ-7555Вdump trucks with the payload capacity of 55 tons, BELAZ-78221front loaders, BELAZ-78231wheel dozers, BELAZ-76473water sprinkling  vehicles having the tank capacity of 32 m3 and BELAZ-7455Вrecovery tractors.

It is the first delivery of BELAZ equipment to this African country and both companies want to ensure proper operation and premium service maintenance of the vehicles.

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