BELAZ-7558: Today’s equipment

Januаry 09, 2018

BELAZ was the first Company in the global market for mining equipment who offered the domestic and foreign customer a 90MT mining dump truck with electromechanical transmission.

The end-users immediately noted that the new dump truck with AC-AC electromechanical transmission came out reliable and powerful: the electric motors allow the transmission to work without slippage when moving uphill and the electrodynamic braking by traction electric motors in the generator mode ensures anti-skid of the wheels when moving downhill. Ratio of power (dump truck is equipped with Cummins QST 30-C with 1050 h.p.) and speed (max. 60 km/h) in BELAZ-7558 is close enough to the perfect one.

For a very short period of existence of BELAZ-7558 model, such dump trucks are successfully operated in mines of the Republic of South Africa, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Mongolia.

  Molodezhniy mine in Kazakhstan

Kolomela mine in the Republic of South Africa

  On 27 October, an opening ceremony took place in the Novokuznetsk region for commissioning the 200th chassis of BELAZ-75581 mining dump truck.

BELAZ-7558 mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 90 MT and electromechanical transmission combine both a successful engineering experience in dump trucks development of the past generations and a range of innovative solutions:
- high performance level, reliability and efficiency are secured by dump truck configuration which is equipped with QST30-C (Cummins) engine with electronic monitor system and Quantum diagnostics. Microprocessing electronics secures effective combination of performance and efficiency that highly facilitates and simplifies the maintenance of the equipment;
- implementation of the electromechanical transmission with AC traction electric drive on the dump trucks of such payload capacity as 90 MT it is allowed to improve the traction and braking characteristics of the equipment, increase the speed range, significantly reduce the operating costs for maintenance, repair and consumables;
- comfort and work safety of the operator are secured thanks to the cabs of high comfort with the expanded working space for the operator, its improved interior, optimal and ergonomic layout of controls along with the electronic dashboard as well as pneumatic seat; all these improve the working conditions and increase the productivity of the operator;
- hydropneumatic conventional suspension with the installed hydraulic shock-absorber, designed and manufactured at BELAZ premises, secures high smooth run that reduces the dynamic loads on the units and systems of the equipment, and provides with comfort working conditions for the dump truck operator.

Based on 2014, BELAZ-75581 dump truck was pronounced the winner of the contest “Best goods of the Republic of Belarus at the market of the Russian Federation in nomination “Technical and Industrial Goods.

BELAZ-7558 proved to be a worthy product also following the operating results in difficult conditions of the far north at Nyurba mining and processing integrated works of Alrosa. The specialists of BELAZ Research and Development Centre, specifically for the consumers who work in the cold climates, have designed BELAZ-75581 dump truck in north performance that allows to operate in temperature range from -50°C up to +40°C. Such dump truck modification besides includes engine liquid preheater, side shutters for engine heat insulation, hood cover, cab with the auxiliary heater and double glasses. All that allows creating the comfort working conditions for operators and simplifying the dump truck operation in the northern latitudes.

The partners have noted the advantages of BELAZ-75581 as follows:
-dump truck has significantly less fuel consumption (up to 30%) and maintenance costs became to 27-30% lower;
-within the operating period, the values, that are closer to the figure one, showed load factor and technical availability factor so that they are by 13% and 15% relatively higher the values of the dump truck with p/c 90 MT of the other manufacturers;
-more smooth run of the dump truck thanks to BELAZ conventional suspension that leads to relatively lower dynamic loads on the operator and units of the equipment;
-gradual torque increase due to application of the stepless electromechanic transmission;
-up-to-date ergonomic and comfort operator seat.

Currently, BELAZ Research and Development Centre actively pursues efforts to expand the range of mining dump truck models of BELAZ-7558 series due to configuration of equipment with engines and electric drives of major producers depending on the customer preferences.

Meeting partners’ demands for the equipment with low operational costs and high technical and economic values, BELAZ specialists consistently work on the development and renewal of model range of the manufactured equipment.

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