BELAZ: a Good Example of the Use of Innovations

July 05, 2018

On 4th July there was held the award ceremony of TRUE PROFESSIONAL-2018. During the gala occasion a number of top managers of the most successful Belarusian companies were announced as the laureates of the contest. Mr. Petr Parkhomchik, General Director of OJSC "BELAZ", won the award for the company which sets the example of the use of an innovative development approach.

PressconferenceMr. Petr Parkhomchik, General Director of OJSC "BELAZ", is answering the questions of the journalists.

During the press conference preceding the award ceremony Mr. Parkhomchik was interviewed about BELAZ recent developments which are to be introduced on the market of mining equipment.

      “Our new developments are scheduled to be demonstrated during the celebration dedicated to the company’s 70th anniversary in September. But to retain your interest, let me keep them a secret for now, said General Director of OJSC “BELAZ, “Systematic work in this direction is being carried out. We have set a number of targets keeping in mind that our main competitors represent very strong global economies – US and Japan. Apart from them, in recent years we have experienced the influence of some Chinese manufacturers which are trying to enter the group of the world leading producers within a very short time. They have a huge advantage – their large domestic market – where any new models can be tested, any designs can be updated and etc. In Belarus we do not have such a market. That is why we appreciate it that our customers impulse and inspire BELAZ to further development and improvement of our products.

      In our company we have a really experienced designer department where the fourth generation of designers works, i.e. young people continue working in the field of their parents and grandparents. This system makes it possible to meet the requirements of the operating companies and prevent our competitors from entering our traditional markets.

      BELAZ team is aware of its great responsibility and realizes that the company cannot stop where it is but should make further investments in order to be able to compete, develop new technologies and reduce our production costs. I cannot but mention the importance of the new trends in the mining sector which are the development of driverless dump trucks and use of the kinds of fuel alternative to diesel. The sooner we are able to succeed in these fields, the more competitive our company will be".

Awardceremony. Mr. Petr Parkhomchik is awarded with a diploma and the European Bison sculpture symbolizing the power of business. The awards are instituted by Business state-owned magazine.

Today OJSC "BELAZ" is a highly efficient industrial company producing mining and special purpose equipment with the use of innovative technologies. Over the company’s 70-year history more than 500 versions of mining dump trucks and special purpose vehicles have been launched and 146 000 units of equipment have been assembled and delivered to 76 countries of the world.

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