BELAZ park as a gift for Kuzbass

October 26, 2018

On the eve of the Driver’s Day, on the 26th of October, within the framework of the celebration of the 300th Anniversary of Kuzbass industrial development another ceremony took place, namely the opening of the park on the territory of Kuzbass State Technical University named after T.F. Gorbachev dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of OJSC "BELAZ".

In the center of the park there is a BELAZ-7558 mining dump truck with payload capacity of 90 ton placed on a cement podium. The dump truck had reached the end of its useful life and was later delivered to Region-42 LLC to be used as the main subject in the theme park. There are information stands installed opposite the truck which help to learn about the history of the University and BELAZ. The new modern park is created not only to enhance the prestige of mining art but also as a space for rest and relaxation of the University students (there are lots of comfortable benches and streetlights).

This gift was given to University by CJSC “Trade House "BELAZ" together with the regional dealer BELAZ-24 LLC. BELAZ team has managed to create a special place in the centre of the largest Alma Mater in Kuzbass which is an open-air museum and a city park at the same time.  

A lot of guests came to participate in the official opening of the park among which were the representatives of OJSC "BELAZ" managers of the major coal mining companies in the region, students and professors of Kuzbass State Technical University.

The mayor of Kemerovo Mr. Ilya Serediuk commented on the event, “If we visit any coal companies in the region, we will see that the most popular truck operated there is a BELAZ dump truck. When students graduate from Kuzbass State Technical University and get employed with coal mining companies, they work with BELAZ equipment. It is crucial that the University maintains contacts with the producer of these vehicles".

“We are grateful to BELAZ for such a precious contribution which will take its rightful place, said acting Head of the University Mr. Andrei Krechetov, “Together we are moving in one and the same direction, we are doing a great scientific and educational work in accordance with the business targets of Kuzbass as the Russia’s leading mining and metallurgic region".

CJSC “Trade House "BELAZ" and BELAZ-24 LLC are planning to continue the landscaping of the campus of Kuzbass State Technical University and install a sports ground with BELAZ branded fitness machines so that people could do sports in the open air. Establishment of the park is a contribution to the cooperation between OJSC "BELAZ" and Kuzbass State Technical University aimed at training of specialists in the operation of BELAZ equipment.


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