Lectures on BELAZ mining equipment

May 14, 2018

The open lectures on the advantages of "BELAZ" mining equipment and its operating experience were held in Kuzbass State Technical University on 7 and 8 May, 2018.

Leonid Semenov, head of test and operation department, OJSC "BELAZ", presented a lecture for the students and professors.

Mr. Semenov, who has spent many years studying the peculiarities of "BELAZ" vehicles operation in different climatic and technological conditions, told the teachers and future workers of mining industry about main advantages of Belarusian mining equipment – efficiency, economic feasibility and safety. Special attention was paid to the equipment design, operation experience, technical condition diagnostics as well as remote diagnostics and service maintenance. The lecturer also acquainted the audience with the advanced developments of BELAZ specialists, particularly with the vehicles using alternative energy resource.

The course of lectures became a new stage in the development of scientific-and-technical cooperation between the University, production factory and dealer in this region – "BELAZ-24". Such type of interaction helps to enhance the educational level of the students of Kuzbass State Technical University, increase knowledge and simplify the adaptation of new specialists at the factory.

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