New project on complete modernization of BELAZ mining dump trucks

April 06, 2018

BELAZ is implementing so far a unique project in Russia on complete modernization of mining dump trucks along with CJSC “Stroyservice and service organization of “BELAZ-24 – an official dealer of OJSC “BELAZ in several regions of Russian Federation.

Two BELAZ-75306 dump trucks with payload capacity of 220MT were successfully commissioned in Kuzbass Mine “Berezovsky“ that belongs to CJSC “Berezovsky“. These dump trucks were overhauled within the framework of a new program.

In the course of the modernization, the specialists of service company “BELAZ-24“ together with the personnel of “Berezovsky Mine completely disassembled the dump truck, performed the damage assessment, replaced the frame with a new reinforced model, restored all elements of operator’s cab, assemblies and components, replaced power cables and low voltage wiring harnesses as well as welded dump truck body, performed painting and commissioning. OJSC “BELAZ“ also supplies reinforced frames of a new type for the program implementation.     
The project advantages:
– prolonged operational life of dump trucks
– on-site maintenance, which saves money and time
– reduced expenditures for BELAZ-75306 modernization in comparison with a new dump truck cost.

The specialists of “BELAZ-24“ started to repair the third BELAZ-75306 dump truck that is expected to be commissioned in second quarter of the year. Starting in 2019, it is planned to share the accumulated experience on BELAZ dump trucks modernization with other mining companies.  

OJSC “BELAZ“ makes every effort to ensure the customers with the best service support and maintenance. OJSC “BELAZ“ has 32 certified service centers situated in 15 countries. More than 1 500 qualified specialists, technical advisers and service personnel are ready to provide service support at any time and place.

Continuous interaction with the customers helps to promptly respond to the issues in operation of BELAZ equipment, requests and demands of the customers. All this helps to sustain a positive brand image of OJSC “BELAZ“ as the manufacturer of modern, high-technology and high-quality equipment.

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