Training and service maintenance – guarantee of efficient operation

November 28, 2018

Reliable, efficient and safe operation of mining dump trucks is impossible without the qualified maintenance staff and especially drivers. OJSC "BELAZ" specialists render consulting services for the workers of the consumer-companies and train the operators using advanced techniques.

During the training, the trainees obtain the required skills and knowledge for trouble-free and safe operation of dumpers in mines. The drivers master the most efficient techniques of service maintenance and learn how to perform fast visual inspection of the equipment. Besides that, the operators study the systems construction of BELAZ dump trucks and get the maintenance recommendations.

"BELAZ-POMORIE" OOO of the Vinogradovsky mine (Kemerovo region). The drivers operating in this mine have been trained on the program "Configuration, operation, service maintenance and faults elimintation of main assembly units and arrangement of mining dump trucks BELAZ-75180, BELAZ-75310, BELAZ-75312, BELAZ-75315" (September 2018).

The training of the service specialists and BELAZ operators on the program "Configuration, service maintenance, repairs and operation of mining dump trucks BELAZ-75131 and BELAZ-75306" (November 2018) was performed in the mine "Udarnovskaya" of "Solntsevsky Mine" OOO.

The program consists of theoretical instructions in classrooms and practical training in mines. In the end of the training, the course participants will have to pass the final test in order to estimate whether they have mastered the peculiarities of the dump trucks operation and maintenance. In the end of the training, the trainees will be given the certificates.

In the beginning, the drivers use the dump truck simulator for the training. The dynamic dump truck simulator "Forward BELAZ" is installed in the training class of "Solntsevsky Mine" which is used for the advanced training of BELAZ drivers.

Many companies that operate BELAZ dump trucks as well as specialized institutions have already purchased the dynamic dump truck simulator "Forward BELAZ".

The simulator has been developed for the training of dump trucks drivers, skills improvement of drivers of different training level and professional development. The simulator consists of the seat of the instructor who can set different kind of tasks, control the process and complicate the missions by changing the weather conditions and creating emergency situations. More than that, BELAZ simulator imitating incidents has been already presented at UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2017.

The main policy of OJSC "BELAZ" both as the producer and supplier is to take full responsibility for the efficiency of BELAZ equipment during the whole lifetime of its operation in any region. BELAZ Company provides full range of service maintenance and individual clients support. The key aspects are high professionalism, availability and timely service support.

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