130-ton BELAZ as a symbol of the coal Kuzbass

July 19, 2019

Two BELAZ dump trucks with payload capacity of 130 ton will be used in the grandiose show «Heroes of the world rock» with participation of the stars of world rock - Accept, Within Temptation, Royal Hunt and HammerFall, that will be held on 27th of July in Kemerovo.

This year the organizer of the unique music event has become the oldest partner of OJSC «BELAZ» – ZAO «Stroyservis» – one of the largest Russian companies in coal production. The show is dedicated to the company’s 25th anniversary.

For the stage design there will be used two 130 ton BELAZ dump trucks which operate in open-pit mine «Barzasskoye tovarischestvo», belonging to ZAO «Stroyservis» (Beresovskiy). Units and parts of previously disassembled dump trucks were unloaded from four super-trailers, after that they started the assembly of dump trucks with the help of cranes and uncommon special equipment.

BELAZ dump trucks as one of the symbol of Kuzbass will become a part of the stage, made in industrial style, and major pyrotechnic and light show, as well as a background for selfies.

About 100 best specialists of Russia are working on implementation of this major stage art-project in Kemerovo. The stage design is a unique construction that represents the power of industrial Kuzbass, true image of the coal and metal force that shows feeling of the present rock-concert. Coke furnaces and steel beams that enchase the whole construction are also used in design. The height of the stage without tubes is 15 meters, and the height of the biggest tube is six meters. A total of 4,5 tons of metal were used for the stage. All tubes are painted manually specially for this show. There will be installed two displays that will be integrated into the decoration of the stage and create the unique composition. Each part of the stage is made so that each visitor can get maximum pleasure from the show «Heroes of the world rock».

Last year BELAZ dump trucks were the heroes of the first show in Novokuznetsk, the general partner of which was open-pit mine «Berezovskiy» of ZAO “Stroyservis. Then the show organizers made a surprise for the musicians — a visit to main coal mine of the region, where they had a possibility to see BELAZ dump trucks operating in the mine, as well as to sit in the cab of a dump truck. Taking into account the big number of photos in the social networks, BELAZ dump trucks really impressed creative people.

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