6th Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia: BELAZ contributes in future generations

July 18, 2019

There has been signed an agreement for R&D cooperation with Saint-Petersburg Mining University. In accordance with the engagement the oldest Russian technical university will train professionals in the field of engineering who will later strengthen their knowledge and take internships at BELAZ.

Head of Mining University Mr. Vladimir Litvinenko and General Director of OJSC "BELAZ" Mr. Petr Parkhomchik discussed the main areas of possible cooperation between the company and the university.

In the meeting Mr. Parkhomchik and Mr. Litvinenko talked about the creation of a specialized training centre in the University as well as a lab equipped with simulators, interactive systems and tables making it possible to assign almost any situations which might occur during the operation of mining equipment and see how the parts and units of a dump truck react to them as well as understand the concepts of operation of the components on which efficiency of a dump truck depends.

"This is going to be a base where BELAZ experts, designers, technicians as well as the staff of the Mining University will be able to exchange experience and opinions, a place where we will be able to discuss questions and problems which need to be discussed in a wider scientific circle. No doubt such a centre is highly demanded. At the moment we should figure out how to make it as modern as possible so that it will be able to stay current-day in 5 or 10 years. The objectives have been assigned and in September we are to have a meeting with the University management in the Republic of Belarus for more detailed discussion. Next year we are going to try to move ahead this idea", said Mr. Parkhomchik.

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