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BELAZ 90-ton dump trucks are now in the fleet of the mining and processing plant in Bystrinskoye

June 26, 2019

Four new BELAZ-75581 dump trucks with the payload capacity of 90 tons have been delivered to the mining and processing plant in Bystrinskoye. The commissioning of the trucks is scheduled for the end of July.

It is supposed that by the end of 2019 the four new 90-ton dump trucks will have carried more than 600 thousand cubic metres of rock.

It is the second time when BELAZ-75581 dump trucks have been supplied to Bystrinskoye mining company. The first batch of 10 dump trucks was shipped in 2017. The average technical availability estimated on the basis of their performance from January 2018 until May 2019 is 0,95. "For this very reason when the company’s managers were considering procurement of an additional lot of mining equipment and analyzing the received technical and commercial proposals both the operational site and the chief mechanic department voted for BELAZ equipment", stated Mr. Vitaly Bushel, the mine executive.

In Bystrinskoye BELAZ-75581 dump trucks are employed to carry ore from the mines and lump ore buffer warehouse to the primary breaking ground as well as carry overburden rock to the mine dumps. It has been decided to procure additional equipment because the company had reached its project targets.

New dump trucks have been made with due regard to the specific technical requirements of Bystrinskoye mining company and adjusted to be able to operate in the harsh climatic conditions of Zabaikalie where the temperature shifts a lot between day and night as well as summer and winter.

Service maintenance of BELAZ dump trucks on site is performed by the experts of BelTransLogistic LLC, which is BELAZ’s official representative in Russia. In accordance with Mr. Andrey Stolbert, Technical Director of BelTransLogistic, there has been created an autonomous maintenance department with a full team of skilled workers and a minimum supply of spares in order to perform comprehensive maintenance of the supplied BELAZ dump trucks in the rough conditions. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the experts from Bystrinskoye mining company and BelTransLogistic the technical availability is kept at the level agreed under the 10-year service maintenance contract.

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