The guest from Uzbekistan became the 80-thousand tourist at BELAZ

April 10, 2019

Within the framework of the project Industrial Tourism «BELAZ – Brand of Belarus» guests from Uzbekistan visited the enterprise, among who became an honourable 80-thousand tourist.

The jubilee guest was determined on the number of entrance ticket. The good luck have smiled to Mr. Saparmat Sapuev, the chief editor of SUE TRK O’zbekiston 24 – the national television and radio broadcasting company of Uzbekistan.

Sapramat Sapaev got a souvenir and certificate, confirming the status of jubilee tourist.

The 80-thousand tourist Saparmat Sapaev got the opportunity to ride in the cab of 130 ton mining dump truck as a gift.

Exposition with a precise copies of equipment, that produced starting from the first day of the enterprise work, as well as models of up-to-date dump trucks. It is always very interesting for the guests.

One of the points of the tourist routes the production of super heavy dump trucks.

Only during the visit to BELAZ each guest has an opportunity to climb up the deck of the biggest in the world mining dump truck of 450 ton payload capacity.

A tour around BELAZ provides a possibility:
– to see unique dump trucks with your own eyes;
– to watch the peculiarities of production of world-level equipment;
– to make a memory photo with the hugest BELAZ-75710 mining dump truck recorded in the Guinness Book;
– to get ride on heavy-duty mining dump truck;
– to buy a gift certificate (for visit of BELAZ plant and for the ride on dump truck) for your friends, relatives and colleagues.

The project Industrial Tourism «BELAZ – Brand of Belarus» has started at the Belarusian Autoworks in the 15th of July 2015. Since that time more than 80 000 people had visited our enterprise, and every year the number of those who so desire to enter the world of huge truck and watch the process of assembly of these giants increases. BELAZ has hosted the tourists from Spain, Italy, France, Norway, USA, Great Britain, China, Lebanon, Jordan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia. Today approximately thirty travelling agencies obligatory include a visit to BELAZ in the schedule of stay in the country for the foreign guests. They also offer a city break; arrange tours that have not only informative as well as professional oriented nature.

Regardless the aim of the visit, tourists remember BELAZ name for a long time, w here they «tested» our goods or took part in its production. They looked behind the curtain of «secrecy», and enjoyed hospitability.

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