June 25, 2019

On 25 June 2019 Mr. Louis Taylor, Chief Executive of UK Export Finance, visited OJSC «BELAZ» within the framework of his visit to the Republic of Belarus.

The interest of the representative of the Albion to the Belarusian Plant is not occasional. BELAZ has successful long-term financial and economic relations with the partners from Great Britain. Cummins Company is constantly on the second line in the list of foreign trade partners of BELAZ and is the leader in supplies of the main components for Belarusian Mining Equipment.

During the visit our special guest and his colleagues were acquainted with the history of the enterprise, new design and engineering developments and future prospects of BELAZ Brand, as well as with its advanced infrastructure and achievements of our sports teams. The guests were shown BELAZ demonstration area and production of ultra heavy-duty dump trucks.

Mr. Louis Taylor noted: «BELAZ is not only a production center but the center of public and social life. The enterprise is the example of harmonious industrialization».

After the test drive of 130-ton mining dump truck Mr. Taylor could not stay indifferent even with his diplomatic restraint: «It is the most powerful truck I have ever driven! – he declared with admiration. – Indeed it’s an unforgettable feeling!..»

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