Mining dump trucks with payload capacity of 450 metric tons are designed for transportation of rocks in severe mining conditions of deep open-pit mines, at open-cast mining of mineral deposits on technological haul roads under various climatic operating conditions (ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius).

Engine power, kW

2 х 1715 (2300)

Operational weight, kg

390 500

Body volume, m³

164,9 (268,3)

Payload capacity, mt


Wheel formula

4 х 4


General Specification


Mining dump trucks BELAZ-75710 are designed for transportation of loosened rocks in severe mining conditions of deep open-pit mines on technological haul roads under various climatic operating conditions. These trucks can be used in construction of large industrial structures and hydraulic facilities, and in construction of highway systems as well as in technological departments of the enterprises of processing industry.

Payload capacity

450 mt

500 st


MTU DD 16V4000

Engine power, kW (hp)

3430 (2 x 1715)



Dimensions, mm

* Overall dimensions are indicated for the basic configuration of the dump truck

Length - 20 600 mm
Width - 9 750 mm
Height - 8 265 mm

Length - 67'5"
Width - 33'98"
Height - 27'23"

Torque, N*m (rpm)

9313 / 1500

Specific fuel consumption @ rated power, g/kW*h





AC type

Motor-wheel reduction gear unot

planetary, double-row type


Conventional suspension for front and rear wheels, cylinders are pneumohydraulic (nitrogen and oil) with in-built hydraulic damper, two cylinders both on the front axle and on the rear axle

Traction electric motor


Traction alternator


Max speed, km/h


Turning radius, m


Brake System

Front wheels

dry disk brakes

Rear wheels

dry disk brakes

Parking brake

disk brake

Auxiliary brake

selectrodynamic retarding by traction electric motors with forced air-cooling of braking resistors

Body volume, m³



Heaped 2:1



Operational weight, kg

360 000 (standard equipment set)

Gross weight, kg

810 000

Traction and Braking Performance


Terms and Model of Financing

Contractor Operations

Operating and Financial Leasing


Competitive advantages
All-Wheel Drive
Brake Gears
Electric Transmission
Electrodynamic Brake
Highest Payload Class
Hydraulic System
Motor-Wheel Reduction Gear Unit
All-Wheel Drive

When driving on the road all-wheel drive is more efficient as it requires 6-10% less energy.

Together with realization of the whole service weight BELAZ-75710 is significantly less demanding to road conditions, with a higher speed potential and hill climbing capacity on continuous slopes up to 18-20%.

The uniform distribution of torque and load on all 4 driving wheels allows to uniform wear of the main components of the dump truck, thereby increasing the service life (in particular, for motor-wheel reduction gear units).

High maneuverability due to two rotary axles and the original rotation kinematics.

The turning radius is 19.8 meters (for comparison, the turning radius of the mining truck with payload capacity of 360 metric tons is 17.2 m).

Brake Gears

In the design of the front and rear service brakes and the parking brake the single unified brake pad is used.

The large area of the friction material of the brake pads allows to use the parking brake system to stop the truck in an emergency.

Electric Transmission

The ratio of power and speed characteristics allows to bring the truck characteristics closer to the parameters of the ideal theoretical continuously variable transmission.

No gear shifting is required, the current and voltage supplied to the traction motors determine the torque and speed of the truck, providing a smooth power change during movement.

The control system algorithm optimizes drive system parameters and provides lower operating costs and greater productivity of transportation.

Taking into account the lower initial cost of dump trucks with electromechanical transmission, the absence of units subject to wear improves performance and reduces the cost of operation.

Electrodynamic Brake

Significantly reduces the mechanical wear of the friction materials of the brake pads.

Provides effective deceleration over the entire speed range up to zero speed.

Allows to switch from traction with full traction torque to deceleration with full braking torque in less than a second.


Diesel engines with electronic control and central switching-off impeller of cooling system provide high specific power and consequently high speed of dump truck when driving uphill, as well as high fuel efficiency.

To facilitate starting of the engine at low temperatures mining dump trucks are equipped with engine liquid preheater, which provides heating of diesel fuel and coolant at starting of the engine, which significantly increases engine service life and ensures reliable operation of the system in various climatic zones, including the Far North.

At full load 2 ICEs are working, while moving empty — only one engine runs at full power. The result is fuel economy up to 15-20%. Fuel consumption in open-pit mine is up to 75 g/t-km.

Higher torque (about 3000Nm) compared to any other ICE provides more power, more climbability and more speed.

Highest Payload Class

In 2013, BELAZ specialists created a unique vehicle, the largest mining dump truck in the world with payload capacity of 450 metric tons BELAZ-75710.

The highest payload capacity is achieved through the application of new engineering solutions in the design of the truck, high-strength low-alloy steels used for manufacturing of the frame and body, and use of eight tires with size of 59/80R63.

Hydraulic System

Integrated hydraulic system for steering, brakes and hoist systems allows to unify and reduce the number of hydraulic units in hydraulic drive.

Application of adjustable pumps with automatic unloading allows to reduce drive system power losses and to provide oil cooling in various climatic zones without the use of radiators.

Dynamic unloading due to the most powerful hydraulic drive for the body hoist system allows to significantly save time during unloading of the dump truck.

Motor-Wheel Reduction Gear Unit

The motor wheels of the dump truck are fully unified, which allows to optimize the range and number of spare parts and reduce operating costs.

Bearing parts and gears of the motor-wheel reduction gear unit are made of the top-of-the-line alloy steels according to the most sophisticated technologies.

The applied kinematic scheme allows to transmit torque to the wheel hub simultaneously by the first and the second rows of the reduction gear unit and maximize the use of the space inside the wheel rim, reduces the actual loads in the reduction gear unit and provides its insreased service life.

The design of the reduction gear unit is made in such a way that replacement of any part is possible without dismantling the tires, which reduces the time for its maintenance and repair.

The design of the motor-wheel reduction gear unit made it possible to use the hub seals of reduced diameter, which reduced the sliding speed and increased its reliability and service life. For the same purpose, the grease supply system for the hub seals is installed, connected to the centralized lubrication system of the truck.

Design solutions of the reduction gear unit eliminate the influence of deformations of gears and bearings of the unit that may occur during operation which makes it reliable and durable.


The design of the hydrostatic drive eliminates mechanical feedback and ensures the rational placement of hydraulic devices on the chassis.

Pneumohydraulic accumulators provide safe control in an emergency situation.

Small turning radius in combination with short wheelbase provides high maneuverability of the dump truck.

Two rotary axles and "smart" steering system provides high maneuverability, as well as turning radius at the level of the dump truck with payload capacity of 360 metric tons. This, in turn, allows to operate BELAZ-75710 without any changes to mine profile.


Pneumohydraulic suspension of mining dump truck with integrated hydraulic shock absorber in combination with the conventional system of the guiding apparatus provides high smoothness, performance, technical speed, lateral roll resistance and durability of dump truck components and comfortable working conditions for the operator.

Front and rear suspension cylinders of the dump truck are fully unified which allows to optimize the spare parts stock and reduce operating costs.

Stability without loss of driving comfort is achieved due to know-how in suspension system (application of stabilizer bars supports).


The manufactured equipment is equipped with additional units and systems that expand the functionality and improve operational attractiveness. There are standard and optional equipment sets. The set of equipment depends on climatic zone of operation: it can be northern or tropical.

Standard Equipment :

Heating and air conditioning unit

Fire-fighting system with remote actuation

Automatic centralized lubrication system

Wiggins fast fueling system

Telemetering tire inflation control system

Engine liquid preheater (except for tropical modification of dump trucks)

High-voltage line proximity alarm

Refueling center

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