Simulator training

Today OJSC "BELAZ", having studied specifics and challenges that mining companies face during the training of heavy mining dump trucks operators, offers to its customers a dynamical driving simulator "TV-BELAZ-75306".

A distinctive feature of simulator model is its configuration: at the customer's request 3D maps of real mines can be downloaded in the system. It recreates operating conditions in different climatic and weather conditions, at different time of day.

Dynamic driving simulator "TB-BELAZ-75306" as a training complex consists of the driver's monule and the trainer's module.

The driver's module

The training module recreates the following:
- The cabine of a real dump truck with all the standard control units;
- Real viewing angles through the visualization system;
- Cross-country conditions in the mine through dynamic system of maneuverability;
- he loads applied on the operator (pitching, centripetal acceleration, heel).

Instructor's module

Instructor's module comprises the instructor's working place, control cabinet and power cabinet. The instructor's working place is equipped with three screens, microphone, keyboard, mouse and printer. The trainer controls the weather: fall-outs, environmwnt temperature, force and direction of wind. For skill training of driving at night there is a mode "change of day time". The trainer also controls a dump truck systems: it is possible to imitate the fault of brakes, the engine breakdown, as well as overheating of the equipment and so on.

Monitors display the current information about the course of training:

  • A dump truck position in 3D virtual space;

  • The cource of exercising and dump truck position on the rout;

  • Visual view of area from a driver's cab.

Economic benefit from using this simulator:

  • Reduces financial expenditures connected with training;

  • Reduces the time for training and increases the training quality;

  • Helps to find out inadequate for work personell on psychophysical characteristics.