Production Association “BELAZ" is a holder of the following prestigious international awards:  

OJSC "BELAZ" became the holder of Grand-Prix with "BELAZ – brand of Belarus" Project in the category "Tourism" within the national competition of consumer preferences (March, 2018)

BELAZ-75139 mining dump truck of 130 MT p/c was recognized as the winner of “Best goods of the Republic of Belarus” competition at year-end 2017

OJSC “BELAZ” became the best one in region for ensuring the significant results in quality and safety of equipment following the results of 2017

OJSC “BELAZ” receives the title of Best Exporter 2016 within the national competition (May, 2017)

OJSC «BELAZ» - Management Company of Holding «BELAZ-HOLDING» was ranked first in the contest "Best exporter of the year" in the category "Machine construction and metalworking" (May, 2016)

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. The largest two-axle dump truck is the BELAZ-75710 with a rated payload capacity of 450 metric tonnes (992,080 lb and 2.88 oz).

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. The largest mining truck body is the BELAZ-75710 with a volume of 645.4 cubic metres.

OJSC "BELAZ" became the best "EXPORTER OF THE YEAR" according to the National business rating of economy leaders of the Republic of Belarus (2014).

Mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 was recognised as the best product of the Republic of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation (2014)

OJSC "BELAZ" - the winner of the engineering project contest "Swedish Steel Prize 2014"

OJSC “BELAZ” is the winner of the national contest among innovative projects of 2013, the project “Mining dump truck of 450 T payload capacity with AC electromechanical transmission and wheel configuration 4x4” (2013)

Winner of the Award “Person of the Year - 2012”, category – “Organization and company of the year” for the contribution to the development of the economy of the Russia-Belarus Union State

Government Award of the Republic of Belarus for quality achievements

“Brand of the year 2011” Golden Award (“Export Brand” category)

International Quality Certificate SIQS (2011)

Best exporter of 2010

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus on September 11, 2008 BELAZ was awarded an honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus

«Crystal Nike» is adjudged to PA «BELAZ» by Coordination Committee under the International program «Partnership for the sake of Progress» (2000).

Prize from the government of the Republic of Belarus

X Golden America Award «For Quality» (1998 )

International award «For Technology and Quality». Germany (Frankfurt) (1997)

«International Diamond Star for Quality» by Mexican National Marketing Institute (1995 )

According to the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on August 20, 1966 Belarusian Autoworks was awarded The Red Banner of Labour