History of the Enterprise

Following Traditions — By Way of Progressive Development

Glorious way of OJSC "BELAZ" began in 1948 when first engineering buildings of "Torfmash" were constructed. In 1951 the company changed its speciality and was renamed into the plant of road and meliorative machines "Dormash". In 1958 the Company name was changed into "Belarusian Autoworks". This year the company produced the first dump truck MAZ-525 with payload capacity 25t.

Since 1961 up to the present moment the company has been producing world-known BELAZ machinery that operates in different countries of the world. Nowadays "BELAZ" is not only the brand of mining equipment but also a symbol of independent Belarus. BELAZ products are well-known for the quality and operational reliability that are tested by time and different operational conditions.


On the 24th of August a 3-thousandth BELAZ-7555 Dump Truck with payload capacity of55 ton left the production line


New Class of Payload Capacity
BELAZ-75320 mining dump truck of new payload capacity class of 290 MT was produced.


On February 23 at BELAZ the 3000-th BELAZ-7513 mining dump truck left the assembly line


On September 23, 2016 a new finishing and commissioning workshop was launched


On June 16 the 100th chassis of mining dump truck BELAZ-75581 with payload capacity of 90T equipped with AC transmission was assembled at OJSC "BELAZ"


In December the painting complex IMEL spa for large parts of dump trucks of heavy and super heavy payload capacity was put into operation


According to the navigation system data in February, 2015 the mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 transported first million tons of load


On April 29 the 1000th mining dump truck BELAZ-7530 with the payload capacity of 220t came off the assembly line


Was produced the 5000th mining dump truck BELAZ - 7547 with payload capacity
of 45 tons

August 21, 2014 - first mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 with payload capacity of 450 tins was commissioned at "Chernigovets" mine CJSC "Holding Company "SDS"

August 21, 2014 - first mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 with payload capacity of 450 tons was commissioned in "Chernigovets" mine,  Holding Company "SDS-Ugol"

BELAZ-75710 with payload capacity of 450 tons was registered in "CIS Guinness Book of World Records" and "Europe Guinness Book of World Records"

BELAZ-75710 with payload capacity of 450 tons was registered in "CIS and Europe Records Book"

Output of the world’s first dump truck with payload capacity of 450 tons (500 ST) – BELAZ-75710

Output of the world’s first dump truck with payload capacity of 450 tons (500 ST) – BELAZ-75710

The first model of the mining dump truck BELAZ-75581 with payload capacity 90T with AC electromechanical transmission was assembled

The first model of the mining dump truck BELAZ-75581 with payload
capacity 90T with AC electromechanical transmission was assembled


Establishment of Holding "BELAZ-HOLDING"


OJSC "Kuzlitmash" is included in PA “Belarusian Autoworks

1500-th dump truck with payload capacity of 136 ton was assembled

1500-th dumptruckwith payload capacity of 136 ton was assembled

Выпущен первый образец карьерного самосвала БелАЗ-75601

Output of BELAZ-75601 dump truck, 360 metric ton load capacity, the first biggest one in the history of the country’s automotive production. 


CJSC “Mogilev Railway Car Building Plant" is incorporated into PA «BELAZ»


RUE “Starodorozhski Mechanical Works" is incorporated into PA “BELAZ

Выпущен опытный образец карьерного самосвала БелАЗ-75600

Output of BELAZ-75600 prototype mining dump truck, as the basic dump truck of carrying capacity class up to 320-360 metric ton


 “Mogilev Autoworks" is incorporated into PA “BELAZ (from 2006  — as a subsidiary).

установлен на постаменте самосвал «БЕЛАЗ» в честь создателей белорусской карьерной техники

On the eve of the Industrial Engineers’ Day a “BELAZ" dump truck was set on pedestal in the park named after “PA «BELAZ» 50th anniversary in honor of the Belarusian mining equipment creators

Генеральному директору ПО «БЕЛАЗ» П.Л. Мариеву одному из первых в республике присвоено звание «Герой Беларуси».

For the selfless labour,  exceptional merits in development of domestic automotive industry, Mr. Mariev P.L., General Director was one of the first in the Republic of Belarus, who was bestowed the title of “Hero of Belarus" .

ПО «БЕЛАЗ» удостоено награды «Хрустальная Ника»

PA «BELAZ» is honored with «Crystal Nike» award under the International program «Partnership for the sake of Progress».

На ПО «БЕЛАЗ» началась реконструкция действующего производствa

Production restructuring has started at PA «BELAZ», directed for the renewal of the mining equipment line being in production, development of new models, quality and increase of technical level of separate subassemblies and systems and the produced equipment in whole. 

ПО «БЕЛАЗ» награждено X Золотым призом Америки «За качество».

PA «BELAZ» is awarded with X Golden America Award «For Quality».

ПО «БЕЛАЗ» удостоено XVIII Международного приза «За технологию и качество»

PA «BELAZ» is honored with XVIII International award «For Technology and Quality».

На предприятии приступили к выпуску самосвала БЕЛАЗ–75131

The enterprise proceeded to the production of BELAZ-75131 dump truck, load capacity 130 metric ton, — the main model of new dump truck population with  electromechanical transmission.

Белорусский автомобильный завод стал Производственным объединением

«Belarusian Autoworks» becomes Production Association. PA «BELAZ» is awarded with the «International Diamond Star for Quality» by Mexican National Marketing Institute.

Изготовлен опытный образец самосвала БЕЛАЗ–7555 грузоподъемностью 55 тонн

Production of prototype BELAZ-7555 dump truck, load capacity 55 metric ton, — the main model of new dump truck population with  hydromechanical transmission.

Выпущен самый большой в истории Белорусского автомобильного завода самосвал грузоподъемностью 280 тонн.

Output of the biggest in the history of «Belarusian Autoworks» dump truck of 280 metric ton load capacity.

Собран 1000–й самосвал БЕЛАЗ–549 грузоподъемностью 75 тонн.

Assembled the 1000th unit of BELAZ-549 dump truck of 75 metric ton load capacity. 

Выпущены опытные образцы самосвала БЕЛАЗ–75211 грузоподъемностью 170 тонн

Output of prototype BELAZ-75211 dump trucks, load capacity 170 metric ton, — basic truck for 170-200 tonne payload capacity range.

Начат выпуск аэродромных тягачей для буксировки самолетов со взлетным весом 100 тонн.

Started the production of aircraft tugs for towing aircrafts of 100 tonne takeoff weight. 

Выпущены опытные образцы самосвала БЕЛАЗ–7519

Output of prototype BELAZ-7519 dump trucks, load capacity 110 metric ton, — basic truck for 110-120 tonne payload capacity range.

Выпущен первый опытный образец самосвала БЕЛАЗ–549 грузоподъемностью 75 тонн

Output of prototype BELAZ-549 dump truck, load capacity 75 metric ton, — basic truck for 75-80 tonne payload capacity range.

Присуждение Государственной премии СССР. Лауреатами стали 11 работников завода.

Awarding with the State Prize of the USSR. 11 employees of the enterprise became prize winners.

На юбилейной Лейпцигской выставке 1000–ая золотая медаль присуждена самосвалу БЕЛАЗ–548А.

BELAZ-548A was awarded with the 1000th Gold medal at the jubilee exhibition in Leipzig.

Орден Трудового Красного Знамени

The factory is awarded with the Order of Labour Red Banner.

Серийный выпуск самосвала БЕЛАЗ–548А

«Belarusian Autoworks» started mass production of BELAZ -548A dump truck, 40 tonne load capacity, - basic truck for 40-45 tonne payload capacity range.

БЕЛАЗ–540 отмечен золотой медалью

At the international exhibition in Leipzig BELAZ-540 was awarded with the Gold medal.

Опытный образец самосвала БЕЛАЗ–548

Produced a prototype of BELAZ- 548 dump truck, load capacity 40 metric ton.

Первый образец БЕЛАЗ–540

Produced the first prototype of BELAZ- 540 mining dump truck, load capacity 27 metric ton.

Самосвалы новой конструкции

At the enterprise there started development works in designing dump trucks of new concept structure for open pit mining of useful mineral deposits

1000–й МАЗ–525

Produced the 1000th dump truck МАZ–525.

Первые образцы самосвала МАЗ-530

Assembled the first samples of dump truck МАZ–530, payload capacity 40 tonne. 

Предприятие получило новое имя

The enterprise was named as «Belarusian Autoworks». The first dump truck МАЗ-525, payload capacity of 25 tonne, left the gate of the enterprise. 

Завод торфяного машиностроения перепрофилирован

Peat machine building factory was restructured into «Dormash» factory for production of road and ameliorative vehicles.

Первая продукция

The enterprise launched the first products.

Закончена разработка и согласование проекта завода

Belpromproekt completed the development and reconciliation of the factory project. Construction of the production shops has started.

Принято решение о строительстве завод

It was made a decision about construction of the Peat Machine Building factory (Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR №137/308 dated 11.09.1946)