"BELAZ" takes leading position among the major manufacturers of dump trucks in the world. Today the fleet of BELAZ dump trucks operating around the world has about 20 000 units and our company is interested in their maximal efficiency.

Service assistance

The dense distribution network guarantees the availability of sales department specialists, technicians and servicemen at any time.

We are in your disposal when you need us.

Always at your service - online-info and systems that provide optimal solutions in shortest terms.

Our service policy leads to increase of production efficiency, decrease of our partners' production costs, facilitates elimination of critical failures, decrease idle time during scheduled and emergency repairs.

Service support

Being a manufacturer and a supplier, we have the basic principle - full responsibility for equipment operability within all the period of its operation in any region. The company provides the full range of maintenance services and individual support of customers.

The key aspects of our policy are availability, reliability and responsiveness

Timely repair saves material resources and reduces the idle time of the equipment and its quality guarantees safety and reliability. A reliable partner, whose service policy and workmanship meet qualifying standards, will bring to satisfaction and advantage.

Advantages of "BELAZ" service centers:

  • All the works are performed under "BELAZ" technologies;

  • Only original spare parts are applied;

  • Special tools and equipment are applied;

  • The manufacturer's information and technical support are always available;

  • Availability of original spare parts at warehouses;

How to find a service center of OJSC "BELAZ"?

  • Visit the web-site www.belaz.by, Then follow the link "Dealers and service centers".

  • You will be adressed to the "Dealers and service centers" page. Select "Service centers" to find a certified service center.

  • On the page that will appear select the required center and find its location on the map.

Warranty service

Along with "BELAZ" equipment we offer a package of warranty services: the shortest time for repair of units and components, idle time minimization, individual approach to each user of mining dump trucks.

Our highly skilled specialists will promptly arrive to an operation site and carry out diagnostics, repair and replacement of parts.


  • Short time for the recovery of units and components functionality

  • Idle time minimization

  • Individual and customer-oriented approach to examination of warranty cases

Key aspect - responsiveness!

One of the most important aspects of "BELAZ" equipment service support is quick failure elimination during the warranty period. The failure elimination term normally doesn't exceed 3 days. Active works in progress on its reduction.

Technical documents

Technical documents guarantee the availability of full and actual data on all the products made up in an appropriate language.

Documents for maintenance and repair, as well as documents on design changes of the products, are included in a kit of operation and repair documents dispatched in hard copy along with the equipment. The soft copies (operation and repair manuals, spare parts catalogues, documents on design changes) are available and regularly updated on www.belaz.by, "Dealers portal" - "Customers' service support" section.