Staff training

At OJSC "BELAZ" modern training methods are applied . The training course forms the body of knowledge and skills for vehicle driving and operation.

The operators training provides:

  • High availability ratio of BELAZ equipment

  • Safety of mine workers, increased level of technical and fire safety on the mine

Driving simulator simulates different operating conditions. The operator practically learns how to meet the challenges of heavy dump trucks control that may arise at any time of the day or night and in any weather conditions.

The training allows:

  • to learn the methods of unassisted maintenance

  • to learn the external inspection of major units and systems

  • to improve maintenance skills

  • to learn the composition of major dump truck systems

Six training centre classrooms are equipped with driving simulators and tutorials. Every year the training centre arranges two free scheduled training sessions for the specialists of service centres and operating companies.

Upon the demands of the customers annual training course may be arranged in "BELAZ" centres at the sites of operation.